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Font Commander version 1.0 for Word, PowerPoint® l
was officially released in March 2004.

Future updates and are being planned and work is in progress. To receive notices of releases as well as our newsletter containing many useful tips and product reviews, just enter your name and email address in the boxes at the left.

For comments, questions and issues relating to how to use the Font Commander products, installation issues, compatability etc., please fill out the boxes below and click the submit button. We will respond to you within 24 to 48 hours by email with an answer or solution.
Please review our FAQ's where your answer may already be found.



 FAQ's (frequently asked questions)

Q. Are upgrades to Font Commander free?
A. Minor upgrades to your registered Font Commander products are free for the first year from the date of your registration.

Q. I have installed the Font Commander but the button on my toolbar won't open the application. Why not?
If you have your macro security level set to high (disable macros) then the launch button of the Font Commander toolbar would not be able to function. You must enable macros for the launch button to function.

Q. Can I open the Font Commander even if I don't have Word or PowerPoint® open?
A. Yes. You may launch the Font Commander application from the icon in your Start Menu Programs list. The Font Commander may be used to launch Word or PowerPoint® from the Font Commander menu.

Q. Does Font Commander come with any new fonts?
A. No. The fonts that appear in the fonts list are the fonts that are already installed on your computer. Font Commander does not add any fonts to your system. There are many sources on the web for installing new fonts.


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